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The Christian Musician

Tab, Chord, and Midi Collection

Last Entry: 29Apr2001



Christian Songs (Hymn and Praise)

Original Music (including lessons)

All Things Are Possible  03Mar01 

All That Thrills My Soul  12Mar01 

All Of Our Praise  17Mar01

Amazing Grace  19Nov01   

A Shield About Me  18Feb01   

As The Deer  15Jan01   

At The Cross  24Mar01   

Blessed Assurance  27Feb01   

Breathe On Me  27Feb01   

Christmas Medley  20Dec00    

In Moments Like These  14Apr01   

I Will Praise Him  28Apr01   

Let The Children Dance  13Jan01   

Open The Eyes Of My Heart  24Dec00   

Shout To The Lord  24Dec00   

Victory In Jesus  02Dec00   

What A Friend We Have In Jesus  09Feb01   

What Child Is This  16Dec00   

When We All Get To Heaven  27Jan01   

Worship The King  21Apr01   

'A' Blues Shuffle  03Oct00    

12 Bar Blues In 'E'  26Dec00   

Tune Up #1  09Jan01   

Tune Up #2  09Jan01   

Tune Up #3  09Jan01   

Walking Basslines  18Jan01 

Gmaj Chords and Scales  05Feb01 

Blues Intros and Outros  18Feb01 

Finger Exercises  03Mar01 

Arpeggios  24Mar01 

Warm-Up Exercises  06Apr01 

Double Stops  14Apr01 


All midi and tab files are made with Guitar-Pro, all chord files are made with Songbird Chords.


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