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I Will Praise Him


[D]When I saw the cleansing [A]fountain,

Open wide for all my [D]sin.

I obeyed the Spirit's [G]wooing,

[D]When He said, "Wilt thou be clean?"



[D]I will praise Him!   I will praise Him!

Praise the Lamb for sinners [A]slain.

[D]Give Him glory, all ye people,

For His blood can wash [Em]a - [D/F#]way [A]each [D]stain.



Tho' the way seems straight and narrow,

All I claimed was swept away;

My ambitions, plans and wishes,

At my feet in ashes lay.




Blessed be the name of Jesus!

I'm so glad He took me in;

He's forgiven my transgressions,

He has cleansed my heart from sin.




Glory, glory to the Father!

Glory, glory to the Son!

Glory, glory to the Spirit!

Glory to the Three in One!