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What Child Is This





What [Em]child is this, who [D]laid to [Bm]rest

On[Em]Mary's lap is [B]sleep  -  ing?

Whom [Em]an - [D]gels greet [G]with

[D]Anthems sweet [Bm]while [Em]shepherds [B7]watch are [Em]keep  -  ing?



[G]This  -  this is [D]Christ the [Bm]King

Whom [Em]shepherds guard and [B]angels sing.

[G]Haste  -  haste to [D]bring Him [Bm]laud

The [Em]Babe, the [B7]Son of [Em]May  - y



Why lies He in such mean estate

On ox and ass are feed  -  ing?

Good Chris  -  tian fear for

Sinners here, the silent Word is plead  -  ing


So bring Him in  -  cense, gold and myrh

Come peasant king to own Him.

The King of Kings salvation brings

Let lov  -  ing hearts enthrone Him.


Words by William Chatterton Dix

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