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Custom Wood Creations

I'll show you how to install plugs.  Put them in, cut and sand them, then get ready to sand the entire box.  So it will be easier to see, we'll be using walnut plugs in an oak box.  The holes have already been bored using a modified 3/8" spade bit.  Remember that every little detail is important.  The grain of the plug should run in the same direction as the grain of the box.

The screw holes are marked and bored.

 The plug is longer than needed during the installation process.

The plug is lined up straight with the hole and tapped in place.

Using a very sharp chisel, the excess is removed.

The plug is flush, time to move on to the next one.

They have been sanded and are aligned perfectly.

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Let's see the walnut box!

Busted String

Classic rock, Blues, Southern rock