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Talking about the Allen-Hofh Slant  ...


Here is a picture of the body after being roughly cut out.  MAHOGANY was used for the body for it's warm sound.  I have glued two pieces of wood together to form the body stock.  If you look closely, you'll see a rough idea of the pickup layout, where the neck gets attached, and where the tremolo bridge will be.

You can see a better detail of the profile, as well as the possible layout of the pickups.  The outer pencil lines are there only to help me get a visual of the final shape.  

This is the side of the guitar.  Right now, it's only the two pieces of mahogany.  The body measures 1 1/2" at the present time.  Keep in mind that the face hasn't been glued on yet.  I like to get the body's outer shape before putting the face on.  I'll line up the face grain to go perpendicular, while wasting as little as possible.

You can get an idea of the shape of the butt of the body.  Also, you can see the line between the two pieces of wood.



A photo of the piece that is destined to be the face.  A nice piece of striped oak.  You don't see the full affect of the stripes yet, but wait!

A closer view of the can kind of see the stripes.  They are natural, I did not do anything to put them there.  I will enhance them with stains and the finish.

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