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  I've started another section to this website.  It's The Christian Musician.  My goal is to provide an area that Christians can use to find links to musical pages/items, learn songs and guitar chords, share information, and download Christian Praise and Hymn MIDI files.

  The Christmas musical at church is this weekend; last night was opening night.  It went well, and should be even better tonight!  Speaking of tonight, it's getting video taped live!

  Ron is back in town, and will sit in next Friday night as it looks so far.  I really hope that collectively, we'll do great things!  I wrote another song this week and am excited to play it for him!

  Have you seen the photos of the Slant Guitar being built?  Check it out in the  Allen-Hofh section.  Check it out...a...AH  

  Well, I've nothing more to say.  Feel free to e-mal me with questions, comments, or suggestions.  LATER!

Eric A. Hofherr      



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