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  Hello, I'm back in town.  Musically, nothing much has been going on since I've been away.  The training up in Alpina, Michigan was good.  There was plenty of action, and even a couple of real-world jobs this time!

  I'm still playing at church every Sunday and Wednesday, and I really enjoy that.  We practice on Thursday nights, come on out for a service, or a practice.

  I've been working on a couple of songs for the Christian Rock group: Obsession and I'm Not Ashamed by Delirious, and You Are Worthy Of My Praise (not sure of the artist.)  If I play Obsession more than a couple of times in a row, I may fall asleep, but really they are all three good songs.

  I'm not sure if we're going to play at this years Family Talent Show, but I'd still like to.  I will make it a note to get in contact with the OPR today.

  Have you seen the photos of the Slant Guitar being built?  Check it out in the  Allen-Hofh section.  Check it out...a...AH  

  Well, I guess that's all from my end.  Feel free to e-mal me with questions, comments, or suggestions.  LATER!

Eric A. Hofherr      



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