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Talking about the Allen-Hofh Slant  ...


You can see that now the face is being glued up with the rest of the body.  Wood glue and clamps will do the job.  You must be careful not to apply too much pressure, nor too little with the clamps.

2" is the total thickness of the guitar body.  The face is approximately 1/2" thick.   You can see the line separating the two pieces that make up the body.  Each body piece is about 3/4" thick.

This is the side of the guitar.  I've cut the waste off of the face using a bandsaw.  I like this picture because once again, you can distinguish between all three pieces of wood that will make up the body.

Here the face has been glued onto the body, and roughly cut out.  I will cut the face almost flush, and finish the job with a spindle sander.  This is a nice view of the ripples in the wood grain!

Finally...what I call the Slant Body Blank!  Most of the sanding has been done.  The finish sanding will be after everything has been routed.  The neck gets attached on the right just above the cut away.

This is a view of the butt of the guitar.  The curved section on bottom is the part that rests on your leg.  Don't those striped look awesome?!!?  I cannot wait for the finish to bring them out even more!

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