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Of Interest To Musicians

  I've come up with an information database full of URLs that either I've found useful in my musical growth, or someone has requested that I include.  Every time I come across another interesting topic or web site, or someone sends me one, I add it so that others can find it.  You'll find everything from wiring diagrams, to notation printouts, to teaching aids, to software, and more!  I've even ranked them according to their content, and site layout...

* = Thumbs down - ** = It's worth visiting once - *** = You should check it out  - **** = A MUST VISIT SITE! - ***** = BOOKMARK IT!

LESSONS with sound files and diagrams!


Know Your Guitar Guitar anatomy and fretboard chart.

Tuning Your Guitar You have to know how to tune your guitar before you can play it!

Tune Up Before you play along with the songs on this site, you'll need to make sure your guitar is in tune.

Warm-up Exercises Why study warm-up exercises?  Because we all need them.  You should really start off your practice time with a warm-up routine, starting off slowly and gradually build up speed.

Finger Exercises They help with your finger mobility, flexibility, move ability, and agility.  With finger exercises, you'll be able to play more precisely, faster, consistently, and longer.


Blues Intros And Outros Here are different licks used throughout the Blues community.

The Capo What's a capo do for you?  Does it matter where I place it?  FIND OUT!

Double Stops Would you like to add a rockabilly or country flare to your riffs?

Reading Music Notation Learn how to read music notation!

Music Notation PART 2 Move one step further in music reading!


Arpeggios Do you ever get tired of strumming through every song?

'EMaj' Scale If you are able to play a specific note in four or five places, you have the ability to stay fresh during solo opportunities.

'GMaj' Scales/Chords Explore the Gmaj scale in different locations of the fret board, and see how it fits into the Gmaj scale in the same area of the fret board. This will consist of three parts.

Soloing Over The Bass Line Put fills in around the bass line.


Finger Pickin' Good Finger picking requires coordination and endurance, and lots of both.  You'll be able to play arpeggios faster with your fingers than with a pick.

Tips And Tricks There are a number of tips and tricks you can learn from playing with other people, reading articles, and playing different musical styles.  There are tricks with picking patterns, effects units, and song reading, and more.

Walking Bass Lines It's 12 bar blues in 'E'.


12Bar Shuffle It's 12 bar blues in 'E'.  (Bass, Rhythm, and Drums.)


  All Things Are Possible

  All That Thrills My Soul  

  Amazing Grace

  A Shield About Me

  As The Deer

  At The Cross

  Blessed Assurance

  Breathe On Me

  Christmas Medley 

  In Moments Like These

  I Will Praise Him

  All Things Are Possible

  All That Thrills My Soul  

  Amazing Grace

  A Shield About Me

  As The Deer

  At The Cross

  Blessed Assurance

  Breathe On Me

  Christmas Medley 

  In Moments Like These

  I Will Praise Him

ACCESSORIES and INFORMATION  (Things that matter including site building.)

Music Resources.com **

101GuitarSites.com (a list of them)****

The Guitar Advisor (for the novice)***

GuitarSite.com ***

Acoustic Guitar Central (e-zine) ****

Harmony Central *****

GuitarNoise.com ****

Music Yellow Pages *****

Blues T.V. Guide *****

GuitarNotes.Com ***

Frets.Com ***

Crosswalk Music Channel ***

Guitarage (amp, effects building) ****

WEB SITE BUILDING  (You need it, it's here.)

eDevCafe (site building) **

AndyArt.com (site building) ***

Animation Factory (HTML tags) ***

Tripod.com (get FREE web space) ***

Mama.com (search engine) ****

Bravenet.com (site building) **

4YEO.com (animated GIFs) ***

Guest World (guestbooks) ***

Download.com ***

GuitarNoise.com ****

SONG PUBLISHING  (Get your music heard!)

Copyright Office *****


Useful Pages (Marketing, etc) ****

Mountain Sound Productions ***

AMPLIFIERS  (Information, parts, and manufacturers listing.)

Ampage.org ***

Elliot Sound Products ***

Groove Tubes ***


Marshall ***

Mesa-Boogie ???

Peavey ***

Trentino's Amplifier Tips **

GUITARS  (A list of not just the famous names.)

Fender ***

Gibson ***

Ibanez ***

Paul Reed Smith ***

Schecter ***

Tom Anderson ***

Epiphone ***

INSTRUMENT BUILDING AND PARTS  (From common to hard to find.)

Warmoth ****

Build Your Guitar .com ***

Stewart MacDonald ****

Cone Guitar NO RATING YET!

SOFTWARE  (These will help you in music writing, notation, tablature, etc.)

Guitar Pro 3.0 ****

Songbird Chords ****


GuitarFX ***

Fretboard ***

Fretboard V0.7 ***

Denzo Guitar Soft III **

Shareware.com *****

PICKUPS  (Manufacturers, information, etc.)

Dimarzio ***

EMG ***

Kinman ***

Lace (AGI) ***

Seymour Duncan ***

L R Baggs ***

Lindy Fralin ***

Rio Grande ***

Fishman ***

Joe Barden ***

Schecter ***

TV Jones ***

SONGWRITING & TEACHING AIDS  (Not just information...)

Rhyming Dictionary *****

The Chord House *****

The Music Rack (download FREE instruction aids) ****

TABLATURE  (Places to grab tab from the net.)

New Worship and Music Archive ***

Rockin' With The Cross ****

The Song Pages ***

Ultimate Guitar.com ***

Public Domain Music (copyright info, too) ***

ChristianTabs.Com ****

Praise Charts ****

Free Brass Sheet Music ***

GuitarSite.com *****

Guitar Tricks ****

EFFECTS  (Need schematics, information, or diagrams?)

Guitar Trader NO RATING YET!

Effects schematics ***

SOUND FILES  (Midi, MP3, WAV., file sharing, and more.)

Patriotic Midi Music ****

Classical Guitar Midi Archive ***

Classical Midi Collection ***


Grokster ****

Audio Galaxy ****

ONLINE SALES  (Buying something online?  Try here.)

Music 123 *****

Musician's Friend *****

Triode Electronics **

 LESSONS, TIPS, AND TRICKS  (I'm not the only one that gives lessons you know.)

Guitar Encyclomedia ****

OLGA ***

Christian Web **

Guitar Main (jazz guitar lessons) ***

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